Aquafina OTC

Butte To Butte

Roads Open Schedule

Roads on the course open approximately at the following times:

8:45 am   Fox Hollow & Donald

9:10 am   Fox Hollow & W Amazon

9:40 am   Amazon Parkway & 24th

10:30 am Downtown Roads to Finish Line​​


Planning Your Travel Route on the 4th

Roads are closed by Eugene Police and course marshals for the safety of participants. You may be able to cross certain streets only with permission of Eugene Police and course marshals if absolutely no participants are approaching the intersection. Driving on the course is not permitted. 

Plan Your Route in Advance

Roads on the course route from 24th Ave & Amazon Parkway north to 5th and Pearl close at 7 am. Roads south of 24th and Amazon Parkway close at 7:30 am. This means that Eugene Police and course marshals do not allow vehicles to drive on the course route or cross the course route. Please plan your travel times accordingly. Click on the buttons below to see course route.