Since 1973

The Butte To Butte started in 1973 among young athletes who ran up to the top of Spencer Butte and along Willamette Street, before it was paved. The event's original name was Storm the Butte and it has grown over the years to over 4,000 participants annually. The course now starts at Spencer Butte Middle School, heading up the Donald Street hill - which some say is as challenging as climbing Spencer Butte - down Fox Hollow to finish near Skinner Butte in downtown Eugene. â€‹View the pictures here that capture the history and annual tradition for thousands of local residents over the past 45+ years.

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New 10K Records Established in 2018:
Female 40-44 - Melissa Todd (43, Eugene, OR) - 38:13
Female 45-49 - Minori Hayakari (45, Albuquerque, NM) - 37:27
Female 75-79 - Nonie Mansfield (77, Eugene, OR) - 58:07
Female 80-84 - Joyce Foster (80, Fall Creek, OR) - 1:08:29


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Butte To Butte