Aquafina OTC

Butte To Butte


The Aquafina OTC Butte To Butte is a Green Event

Throughout the years, many changes have taken place to move the event towards a more environmentally sustainable future.  

* Each year fewer entry forms, posters and other printed materials are produced - when they are, more print media has utilized vegetable based inks and recyclable paper.

‚Äč* Virtual race bags and the distribution of event information has replaced printed materials.  Virtual newsletters and social media have greatly assisted in this process.

* The introduction of recycling receptacles in 2007 has had a profound impact on the low carbon foot-print of the event.

* Each year, excess event shirts are donated to worldwide organizations and eliminating potential waste.

* Gear check bags at the event are re-usable for a multitude of purposes after the event . 

* Here's a big one:  Each year, between 8,000 and 10,000 timing chips are recycled and re-used by the event.